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WATCH: Here's why truck drivers should have dashcams in SA

2017-10-04 09:17

Image: Arrive Alive / Twitter

A motorist reported a truck driver's alleged reckless behaviour on the road in the Western Cape. Dashcam footage reveals all is not as it seems... 

Cape Town  - Dashcams are becoming more prevalent in South Africa and fleet owners are becoming dependent on this technology to help manage their trucks and drivers. Here's a perfect example how it can also save a truck driver's job.

Whether it's pressure to make deliveries on time, fatigue behind the wheel or simple negligence, some trucks drivers can pose a huge risk to other motorists. 

However, not all truck drivers are bad drivers and it's becoming increasingly important to have dashcam's fitted to their vehicles. 

Truck and Freight SA reported on Tuesday (Oct 3) how dashcam footage came to the aide of one of a local truck driver.

Motorist reporting poor road behaviour 

A motorist contacted the National Traffic Call Centre, Arrive Alive and the trucking company involved, Time Link Cargo (the company involved), complaining about a truck driver's poor road behaviour.

The complaint stated the following: "I would like to report the negligent and reckless driving of one of your vehicles that almost lead to a serious accident at approximately 6.57am on the N1 between Worcester and Paarl this morning.

"I was driving at approximately 80km/h on the R43 off-ramp that merges onto the N1 near Worcester. As I indicated to merge onto the N1, I looked in my side- and rear view mirrors and noticed a truck some distance away. As soon as I indicated that I intend to merge onto the N1, the Time-link truck accelerated drastically up to the point where it nearly forced me off the road.

"When on the N1, I moved over to the left lane trying to pass the truck because my passengers and I felt threatened. As soon as I was next to the truck trying to overtake it, the driver threatened our safety even further by rapidly closing the gap between the left lane and the right lane. My passengers managed to take a few photos, but when the driver realised they were taking photos, he drastically slowed down to a ridiculously low speed.  

"I reported the incident to the National Traffic Call Centre and also forwarded the photos taken by my passengers."

Time Link Cargo made available the following dashboard camera recording. The company apologises for some of the language in the control room: Apologies for the audio

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Truck and Freight SA said: "The person who reported the video was invited to visit the company for a better view and discussion of the recorded materials and the following findings was made from the dashboard camera recordings:

1 The driver proceeded on his lane along the N1
2 Vehicle approaching from left attempted to join freeway
3 Truck speed did not change - NO acceleration or deceleration
4 Truck continued on its path - right of way
5 Vehicle joining proceeded
6 Thereafter the silver vehicle indicates and comes onto left lane rather closely in front of truck.
7 Truck still proceeds - No acceleration
8 Vehicle drives on the N1 while the distance between the vehicles can be clearly seen.
9 Two other vehicles continue to pass and the road merges into 1


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