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WATCH: Here's why spark plugs are a vital part of your car's engine

2018-11-12 13:00

Robin Classen

Spark plug tips

Image: iStock

Spark plugs, coilpacks, distributors... the ignition all play an essential part in allowing a car to start.

A video from the guys at Donut Media  shows that a spark plug, a relatively inexpensive component, has an incredibly  important job - igniting the fuel and also dissipating engine heat.

Small with a big purpose

There are various spark plugs on the market, each with its own advantages for use in different applications. If your engine requires a specific spark plug, it is wise to stick with it and not change anything as it could affect overall performance.

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Traditional key ignition systems are slowly becoming replaced with push to start ones, but at the end of the day the same concept is used to start the car.

Check out the video:


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