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WATCH: Here's how not to tow a vehicle in SA

2018-03-22 13:40

Janine Van der Post

Image: Twitter / Arrive Alive

Cape Town - A bakkie has been spotted being towed on what appeared to be a makeshift wooden sled.

As bizarre as this towing clip might seem, the driver and passengers are being incredibly reckless.

Arrive Alive posted a video online of a silver Toyota Corolla driver towing a red bakkie chassis on what seems to be two wooden poles somewhere in the Western Cape. 

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Not only does the Corolla seem to be in a poor roadworthy condition, but the bakkie is also seen swaying from side to side as it is being towed as the vehicle is resting on the poles. 

Arrive Alive's Johan Jonck said: "This video was sent to the Arrive Alive website via a regular contributor of footage on the "weird and scary" stuff we see on our roads.

"There is so much that is wrong with this towing procedure in terms of dangers to other road users, the absence of required lighting, lack of control of the object being towed and the damage caused to the road surface."

It also does not help that the person filming the incident is driving in a vehicle with a cracked windscreen.

Jonck also added: "Interestingly the public has also noticed a significant crack in the windscreen of the person who captured this on his cellular phone. It is also important for us to share with the public the law with regards to driving with a cracked windscreen."

In a previous article, Wheels24 reported that many drivers in South Africa assume that by passing their driver’s test, they are automatically qualified to tow, and while this was once the case, it has not been for a long time, reports the Automobile Association.

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In 2000, SA switched to the current credit card type driving licences. When this occurred, code 08 licences were automatically converted to EB code licences.

Since then, new standard driving licences issued are code B. What this means is that a Code B licence allows a road user to tow a light luggage trailer weighing less than 750kg (fully laden). To tow a heavier trailer, caravan or boat, a code EB licence is required, reports the AA.

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The AA said: "This change has led to some confusion with many people still assuming that a driving licence automatically allows them to tow any sort of trailer. But this is no longer the case, and code B drivers who are towing trailers heavier than 750kgs are doing so illegally."

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