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WATCH | Here's how a car will perform with the wrong fuel in it

2019-11-01 09:40

Robin Classen

Throwing in diesel

Image: Jose A. Bernat Bacete

It is almost unimaginable to fathom the possibility of throwing the wrong type of fuel into your car.

Besides the personal embarrassment, it will likely cost you a pretty penny because everything fuel related is affected by something as simple as petrol or diesel.

Doing it on purpose

As the video from Fifth Gear shows, a petrol powered Ford Escort and its diesel Opel Astra counterpart were given opposite doses of the fuel they're supposed to run on.

Have you ever made the mistake of throwing the wrong type of fuel n your car? Email us and tell us your story.

The cars featured in the video are mid to late 90's models that can seemingly operate on a different type of fuel - albeit for a while.

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Throwing the wrong fuel into a much more modern car will certainly cause severe damage because of so many complex parts and operations that take place on either unleaded or diesel.

Here's the video:

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