Merc's X-Class bakkie gets axed

Mercedes-Benz will soon cease production of its double-cab bakkie.

WATCH: From street to strip: 5 ways in which to drive fast legally

2018-08-23 15:00

Robin Classen

Image: Press Association

Speeding is by no means condoned on public roads but there are plenty of others ways to fulfill your urge for speed without breaking the law

Not only are you at risk of a hefty fine and possible jail time, but you pose a threat to everyone else on the road. Luckily there are places to exercise the right pedal and have fun at the same time.

Take it to the strip

Local petrol heads can get their fix of driving fast and not having to worry about traffic cops or speeding cameras by taking part in track days or gymkhana events organised by car clubs.

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Events like Robot2Robot and Street2Strip drag racing events held at Killarney Raceway aims to keep racing off the streets and promote it in a safe environment.

In Germany though, people are actually permitted to give their car the horns on the famous Autobahn, although there are certain sections where it is required to drive at a certain speed.

While South Africa does not have the Autobahn, or Auto Test events, motorists can do advanced driving courses in Cape Town's Killarney or at Zwartkops Raceway and Kyalami in Johannesburg with specific manufacturers. 


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