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WATCH: Driver crashes Ferrari minutes after renting it: Here's what you should about insuring a sports car in SA

2018-07-01 07:00

Robin Classen

Image: Newspress

Owning a performance sports cars is a dream many petrolheads share but sadly many drivers lack the training and experience to handle fast vehicles on our roads.

Earlier in July, we published a story about a driver who lost control and completely wrecked her newly-rented Ferrari 458 Italia.

WATCH: Driver crashes R6.7-million Ferrari 458 Italia mere minutes after renting the expensive supercar

The incident highlights the importance of being insured and the type of car you drive because accidents can happen withing the blink of an eye.

According to Arrive Alive: "Any vehicle owner wishing to drive a very expensive car / sports car or allow someone else to drive such a vehicle should be well aware of the importance of having such vehicle effectively insured.

"This is a specialised type of insurance as these vehicles are not only carrying a special price tag but also usually require special expertise in the process of repair. There are certain variables to take into account regarding insurance.

"Your car insurance premium is calculated with reference to a wide variety of variables. One of these is the object to be insured – the car that you drive! In this section we would like to reflect on car insurance for those who are fortunate to drive vehicles betters described as sports cars.

"We would like to focus on these vehicles, why they are regarded as expensive to ensure and why it is needed to consider a specialized, tailor made car insurance product!"


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