The cars the SA government is buying

"We often complain that government has ridiculous vehicle purchasing habits but the data tells us that expenditure on cars is being curbed."

WATCH: Best save ever?

South African Moto2 rider Steven Odendaal pulled off one of the greatest 'saves' in motorsport at the Czech GP.

WATCH: Cutting it dangerously close - Here's why you should leave 1.5m room when passing cyclists on the road in your vehicle

2018-10-09 20:00

Robin Classen

Cyclist almost knocked by car

Image: Press Association

A virtual reality film has been made to show drivers a close pass from a cyclist's perspective.

The footage shown by Cycling UK, provides a 360-degree view of what happens when a vehicle overtaking a bike does not leave enough room.

Cutting it dangerously close

Cars and large trucks are seen cutting extremely close to cyclists on the side of the road, this in stark contrast to the 1.5m distance they are supposed to pass at.

READ: 'Share the road' - new VR tech could help inconsiderate motorists, cyclists get along

The company wants police to wear VR headsets to show motorists when they are in the wrong.


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