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WATCH: Charlize Theron, Michelle Rodriguez... awesome Femme Fatales behind the wheel in car movies

2018-08-09 20:00

Janine Van der Post

Image: YouTube

Charlize Theron looked like a pro behind the wheel in Italian Job while Michelle Rodriguez continues to beat the best in the Fast and the Furious series - here are some top woman in car movies.

Rodriguez, better known as Lettie in the Fast and Furious franchise, not only drives a car like a veteran racer she's incredibly adept at fixing a busted vehicle too.

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Wheels24's Janine Van der Post says she drives a relatively 'sporty' car - the Toyota Corolla 20V RSI really needs no explanation. But generally, it's not a car that a woman would buy a decade or two ago when Honda VTecs, 20Vs and Golf GTIs ruled the roost of young car enthusiasts of the time.

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Van der Post says: "I used to buy my own car parts, I still do. I would learn how to service my own car too so even if someone else was doing it, I could know if something was wrong. And, in a more ignorant era, I used to race my cars too. And boy, did I garner much dislike when I used to beat the guys with their chipped and modified cars with my 'Cape Town stock' car.

"There are loads of women who give the boys a run for their money when it comes to driving a car, but Jordana Brewster, who plays Vin Diesel's sister Mia in Fast and Furious as well, is also one of my favourite actresses in a 'car movie'."

Check out these top women behind the wheel in car movies:

6. Mad Max: Fury Road (Charlize Theron)

5. Fast 5 (Gal Gadot)

4. The Italian Job (Charlize Theron)

3. Thelma and Louise (Susan Sarandon)

2. The Fast and the Furious (Jordana Brewster)

1. The Fast and the Furious (Michelle Rodriguez)


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