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WATCH: Can't afford a brand new set of wheels? Take a look at these bargain buys

2019-05-18 07:00

Robin Classen

Toyota Yaris GRMN

Image: Press Association

Unfortunately not everyone is in the position to buy a brand new car and a used one is often the next best thing to pursue.

Listing websites Gumtree, AutoTrader SA, and OLX is the most likely place to see which cars are on offer across the country.

Although these cars are European buys in the video above, it does offer some great ideas you might not have considered as a used option.

Things to keep in mind

Something to keep in mind is that cars depreciate in value year on year, with second-hand dealerships in particular selling cars for discounted rates.

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Cars can become bargain buys for a number of reasons. Maybe it is due to an early trade in for something else, being auctioned off, or a mechanical fault somewhere.

Ask anyone who has previously bought a car and they will tell you that patience is key in finding the right deal to suit your pocket.


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