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WATCH: Burning roadblock, brick throwing - new SA road crime tactic?

2018-03-14 07:00

Johannesburg - Rock or brick throwing on our highways are a grim reality on South Africa's roads and leads to some of the most gruesome vehicle crimes.

It's an unnecessary act that inflicts tremendous trauma and often leads to tragic consequences. Arrive Alive posted a video highlighting what could be a new road-crime tactic on our roads. 

The video, filmed via dashcam, shows a driver slowing down to avoid a fire on the road ahead. As the driver passes below a bridge an object is dropped onto the vehicle, cracking the windscreen.

Arrive Alive's Johan Jonck said: "Sadly we simply cannot always avoid driving at night. As an information portal we will remain committed to keep users informed, in partnership with our motoring public, and plead with enforcement authorities for swift and effective enforcement and capturing of these ruthless criminals." 

Wheels24 reader Wayne Champion and his wife fell victim to a brick-thrower in Durban two years ago and thankfully survived to share their story. Click here for the full story!


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