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WATCH: Brazen criminals steal Ford Ranger bakkie in broad daylight

2018-02-26 15:36

Janine Van der Post

Image: CICA/Youtube

Cape Town - Vehicle crime is rife in South Africa and no matter how vigilant motorists try to be, criminals are on the prowl. Watch how a Ford Ranger bakkie is stolen by brazen thieves.

During the 2016/2017, it was revealed that a total of 16 717 cars were stolen, up from 14 602 reported in the previous 12 months, reported police Minister Fikile Mbalula as part of the annual national crime statistics.

Ford Ranger stolen

A video uploaded by the Crime Intelligence and Community Awareness (CICA) group shows a Ford Ranger being stolen from a parking lot. 

In the video a white Jeep is seen reversing into a parking bay next to the Ranger. A man is seen existing the white Jeep and breaking into the bakkie; He can be seen fidgeting with the driver side door release and is able to enter after a few seconds.

The unidentified man move between the two vehicles with various tools. A second man climbs out of the Jeep to assist. During one instance you can see the man hammering away at the steering wheel.

Both vehicles flee the scene.

Watch the video below:

According to CICA: "Car theft syndicates are rife in South Africa - many stolen vehicles are taken across the border into Mozambique, Zimbabwe & Namibia where  they are often taken up further into Africa for sale."

Organised crime

Arrive Alive's Johan Jonck says: "The video sadly shows how organised criminal syndicates have become and how vehicle possession can be lost through no fault of the owner.

"These criminals are not new to this and there is sadly very little that a vehicle owner can do except have a tracking unit installed and ensure that his/her vehicle is insured."

14 tips to help prevent vehicle crime:

1 When approaching your vehicle, keep your key ready but not visible. Unlock your car when you're close by.   
2 Check the rear seat before getting into your car.
3 A well-maintained car is less likely to break down and leave you vulnerable.
4 Plan your route and let someone know what your route is and when to expect you at your destination.
5 Always check the rear-view mirror to see if you are being followed. 
6 Avoid driving with your windows open and keep the doors locked. Put all valuables out of sight. 
7 Avoid distractions while driving such as using a cellphone.
8 If you suspect you are being followed, drive to your nearest police station or a busy public area.
9 When approaching a red traffic light, slow down so that you only reach it when it turns green.
10 Make sure your driveway is well lit and clear of shrubbery. 
11 If possible, park in a central, well-lit place, preferably with guards on duty. 
12 When stopping behind another vehicle, leave half a vehicle length in front so you can make an emergency escape if necessary.
13 Change your routes and your schedule if possible on a regular basis. 
14 Make arriving at your destination safer by calling ahead and asking someone to open and close your gate for you.


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