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WATCH |1326 Mustangs parade in convoy - Ford sets a new world record

2019-09-12 20:28

Compiled by Leigh-Ann Londt, Janine Van der Post

Ford Mustang

Image: Newspress

Ford is a well know brand all around the world as many call it 'Ford is Lord'. The Mustang is now known as the world's best selling coupe since 2018.

Ford smashed its own record of 960 vehicles, set in Toluca, Mexico on December 3, 2017, with 1 326 Mustangs from all over Europe making the pilgrimage to the Ford testing facility in Belgium.

With the rate the Mustang has been sold in South Africa, our country could surely give the record a run and smash the new record too considering there has been 2 642 units sold locally since its launch in 2016.

Earlier in August, Wheels24's Janine Van der Post drove the new Mustang launched in SA, and said: "The "new", or 2018 version Mustang, has been out for some time internationally, but heck, it doesn't matter because it's here now, and even better than before."

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Examples from every generation of Mustang since the iconic sports car’s launch in 1964 converged on Ford’s Lommel Proving Ground on September 7, to help set a new world record for the largest number of Mustangs in a parade.

Ford Mustang

                                              Image: Newspress

To set the new record, the Mustangs were driven in an uninterrupted convoy with no more than 20 metres between each car. Vehicles and drivers also participated in a special choreography to celebrate Mustang’s 55th anniversary this year.

More Mustangs are sold in Belgium per head than any other country in Europe, making Ford’s Lommel Proving Ground the ideal location for the world record attempt.

Mustang was the world’s best-selling sports coupe for the fourth year in a row in 2018. Sales continued to rise in the first half of 2019, which saw 5500 sales in Europe, a 3.7% increase compared with the same period last year.

Ford Mustang

                                               Image: Newspress

Lommel Proving Ground

Ford’s Lommel Proving Ground is where the company refines the sustainability, technology and driving dynamics of its vehicles in Europe.

The facility covers an area of 3.22 km² and features 80 kilometres (50 miles) of track, some of which is designed to simulate public roads, while other tracks feature differing road surfaces enabling engineers to evaluate handling, braking, ride and comfort.

More than 100 staff from the facility volunteered as marshals and support to help Ford’s world record-breaking attempt run smoothly.


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