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#Truckstrike: Stuck in Gauteng chaos? Top 10 tips for beating traffic jams

2017-03-01 08:07

BIG CHAOS: Truck drivers are striking in Gauteng. Image: Twitter

Pretoria - Protesting truck drivers are blocking the freeways heading into Pretoria, causing huge traffic jams affecting hundreds of motorists.

The truckers, employed by Eskom to collect and deliver coal to power stations around the South Africa, are  protesting due to Eskom's decision to make use of more renewable energy.

The enraged truckers blocked various highways leading into Johannesburg, as well as Pretoria CBD. Affected roads include the R21, N4, N12 and N1.

LIVE: Truck protest causes Tshwane traffic chaos

Here are top tips for beating traffic chaos:

1 Plan your route: You might drive the same daily route to work but it's imperative to have an alternative. Acquaint yourself with alternative routes and new areas.

2 Don’t tailgate: Adjust your following distance and keep a 2-3 second gap between the car ahead. This could prevent a nasty fender-bender and will allow room to maneuver.

3 Calm down: If you're stuck in traffic, realise that you're not the only that's stressed out and potentially late for work. Violence is never the answer. If someone cuts you off, Arrive Alive comments: “Take a deep breath, simply back off a little and regain enough space – what counts is your safety!”

4 Park off or go for coffee: If there’s an alternative route or road, why not go for breakfast and check your emails, catch-up on work etc.

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5 Power-up: Make sure your phone is charged and that you're able to charge-up on the go (i.e powerbank). Have a spare battery or phone stored in your car.

6 Inform your loved ones: Always make sure someone knows of your whereabouts and when/if you will be delayed.

7 Be alert: Just because you’re stuck in traffic doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Always be aware of your surroundings and alert to criminals taking advantage of stranded drivers. Make sure your doors are locked and luggage/valuables stowed away.

8 Make sure your car has enough fuel: Being stuck in traffic means your car might consume more, especially if it’s not equipped with stop/start technology. It's a good idea to switch off your vehicle if you're stationary for more than 30 seconds at a time.

9 Don’t 'ride' your clutch: Just be patient. Put your car in neutral or even turn off the ignition if traffic isn’t moving. Riding your clutch in traffic will lead to extensive wear and tear leading to expensive repairs.

10 Car essentials: You never know when disaster will strike on SA's roads so be prepared by storing water and snacks in your vehicle. It's also good idea to have a spare change of clothes and a raincoat in your boot. Arrive Alive’s Johan Jonck: “It's always good to have a medical kit in the car. Also have water available - there may be young passengers or the elderly on-board and it's critical to stay hydrated.”

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MAP: Johannesburg traffic chaos


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