WATCH: Sparks fly in thrilling King of the Hill

A new King of the Hill was crowned and saw the reign of two others extended today with a thrilling finale at #JaguarSHC.

8 fast cats score trophies at #JaguarSHC

The 10th Jaguar Simola Hillclimb was a successful affair for Team Jaguar, with a total of eight podium finishes for all eight entries across various categories.

Toyota Tazz 'love affair', how not to tow a vehicle in SA... Top motoring clips of the week

2018-03-24 14:00

Image: Youtube

Johannesburg - From an hilarious local car ad to a bizarre bakkie being towed on a wooden sled in SA... check out these top motoring videos of the week.

Local clips

Toyota has launched its first #ToyotaStoriesSA music video, beginning with the humorous love story of 'Jitz' and his Corolla RSi.

A bakkie has been spotted in the Western Cape being towed on what appeared to be a makeshift wooden sled. 

Insane car mods, reckless drivers

A car was spotted in the US with what appears to be dangerous modifications to its wheels - dangerous spikes protrude from each of its wheels.

The driver of a black Porsche Cayenne learned a valuable lesson in road safety - don't attempt to cut off a bus. 

Ferrari crushed, hilarious car ad

If you're a fan of sports car you may want to brace yourself, a video has surfaced showing a R3.3-million Ferrari 458 seized and destroyed by police.

An owner of a 2006 Subaru WRX Hatchback has created an hilarious advert in a bid to sell his vehicle. At first glance it seems to be a car-sales parody video but the owner insists it's a real ad.

Your weekly video wrap:

6 #ToyotaStoriesSA: Watch this hilarious music video of Jitesh's beloved Corolla RSI

5 WATCH: Here's how not to tow a vehicle in SA

4 'Please buy my car' - Owner creates hilarious ad to sell his Subaru WRX

3 This hurts to watch - Police seize and destroy a Ferrari 458!

2 WATCH: Why you shouldn't try and cut off a bus

1 Are those spikes fitted to that car? What the law says about dangerous mods


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