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Top 5 'How to Dad' tips: Doing car things with a baby

2017-01-24 13:27

Janine Van der Post

DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL: Our little one loves washing the car with her Dad. And though he loves it just as much, he has to watch her every move in case she decides to start drawing on his car with mud, or sticks and stones. Image: Wheels24 / Janine Van der Post

Cape Town - Trying to do any task at home, or even shopping, can be a daunting task when there are toddlers, or babies, around who want to help, or generally do their own thing.

And as a mom, it's often very difficult to make little people who are strong-willed do anything you want them to. 

Sharing some advice

Meet Jordan Watson from New Zealand, a dad who has made the arduous job of being a father to two little darling girls (ages 1 and 3), a hilarious online video series. What started out as a joke for friends who were expecting a newborn, his online video went viral and became an instant hit. Since then, Watson has a playlist of tummy-hurting-with-laughter videos we can all relate to. 

His channel is called 'How to Dad' on YouTube and these tongue-in-cheek videos include items such as: "How to fly with a baby", "#Mannequinchallenge with a baby", "How to get a baby to clean a house".

Of course all these videos are epic fails, but that's the beauty of it. It makes us laugh at ourselves as parents, and gives a historical insight to anyone considering becoming a dad. Most times, Watson's videos don't even have anything to do with one of his daughters, but they're in the scene anyway.

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Parent24 editor Sophia Swanepoel shares a cute story:

“Just before Christmas my husband was in the front yard, and my six-year-old was busy with a ‘secret operation’. I wasn’t allowed anywhere near the front. Then, after what seemed like an hour, she proudly called me. She had washed my car! As far as she could reach anyway… Dad had helped her fill up a bucket from last night’s bath water, and she did a pretty good job, actually. We’d been driving along dirt roads and she had her work cut out for her. And, will you believe it, she did it again this weekend!"

We've picked the top five car-related 'How to Dad' videos, and they're ll on point.

1. How to wash a car with a baby

This can be an awesome way to bond with your little one, and get your car clean at the same time. Or, it can be a risky move. The last time my husband tried this, our daughter decided to paint him a picture on his car - with sand - after he had just waxed and polished it. At least Watson gets it right, sort of...

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2. How to install a baby car seat

Fitting a baby car seat into a car can be a higher-grade exercise - if you don't read the manual. Here Watson explains when you do follow instructions, and when you don't.

3. How to pack the car for a family road trip

Honestly, I think this is a job best suited for women. Having the little ones around to help isn't the greatest of ideas either. 

Watch this baby “singing" in the car 

4. How to teach our kid to drive

Somewhere in this video, there's every type of father trying to teach their young adults to drive. Which one are you? This video had me in stitches!

5. How to teach a baby to ride a bike 

Teaching your toddler to ride a bike is probably one of the most important jobs dads have to do. This is so cute!

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