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Top 10 most-read motoring stories in 2016

2016-12-31 17:27

NOT SAFE FOR ANYONE: Wheels24 reader Stephinah Segalagala snapped this image of children being transported to school on the back of a bakkie. Image: Wheels24 reader / Stephinah Segalagala

Janine Van der Post

Cape Town - The past year has been busy for the motoring industry and Wheels24 readers have aired their views on automotive matters they feel strongly about.

During the past yer, we've reported on new road traffic laws such as a 20km/h reduction in speed limits, the most popular hijacking hotspots and the worst potholed provinces in the country and even a Toyota dealership who leaked the new Hilux bakkie prices ahead of its anticipated launch.

Safety tips

Wheels24 readers loved our safety tips on how to drive in heavy rains and what motorists should do when it snows.

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And, then there was that one time when we almost broke Facebook when we posted about Mercedes-Benz's new 4x4 bakkie bound for South Africa.

Probably our most difficult articles to do this year was when the late, dearly-loved rally driver Gugu Zulu passed away earlier in July on his quest to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for a good cause with his wife Letshego.   

Here's the top 10 most-read stories of 2016:

1. Hijacking hotspots in SA: Joburg, Pretoria, Cape Town & Durban

How prevalent is vehicle crime in SA? Carjacking has increased by 14.3% in all provinces, according to the 2015/16 annual crime survey released by the South African Police (SAPS). Carjacking was highest in Gauteng.

2. Which city has the worst potholes in SA? More than 18 000 respond

Earlier in October, we asked Wheels24 readers to share images and stories of potholes in South Africa. Feedback has been overwhelming with many readers sharing images of roads in disrepair throughout SA.

3. PICS: SA drivers to sport new licence plates

South Africa will receive new number plates in 2017, reports the Department of Transport.

News of the new number plates first came to light in 2015 when the Department of Transport sent out a notice informing South Africans of its intended plan of action.

4. 8 things you should know when dealing with roadblocks in SA

As inconvenient as they may seem, roadblocks exist to ensure the safety and well-being of all road users, especially during peak traffic hours, holiday periods and over weekends. 

Knowing your rights as a road user as well as the best approach to dealing with the situation is critical in SA.

5. Finally! New SA road rules: 20km/h speed-limit reduction?

Reduced speed limits, heavy vehicles to be banned during rush hour... in 2015, Wheels24 reported on new draft road and traffic regulations for South Africa released by the Department of Transport.

Draft regulations, intended to reduce road carnage, include lower speed limits, the banning of transporting children in a bakkie's load bay and restricting the use of heavy vehicles on public roads.

6. Banned Audi R8 ad: 'Whomever complained should get a life'

Earlier in August, Wheels24 reported on an Audi R8 ad that was banned in Europe.

The clip, first aired in April 2016, shows a driver’s eyeball dilating as an R8 accelerates. Harmless right? Well not according to the European Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) regulations.

The ad was banned as it showed an "irresponsible depiction of speed," reports the ASA. One viewer saw the ad and filed a complaint with the ASA.

Wheels24 reader Diane Thurgood said: "Whomever complained should 'get a life'! I am blind in one eye and found the ad mesmerising with regard to focus and the change in pupil dilation was directly linked to the change in braking and accelerating."

7. Toyota leaks prices of new SA-bound Hilux

Two weeks ahead of the launch of the all-new Toyota Hilux in South Africa, one of their dealerships published pricing of the bakkie on their blog.

Durban South Toyota posted details of the five engine choices, three body styles and two gearbox options.

8. Caught in heavy rain? Here's what SA motorists should do

Many parts of South Africa was feeling the full effects of Winter, with torrential downpours wreaking  havoc on our roads in July.

Driving through water can be incredibly dangerous and cause serious damage to your vehicle.


9. Stuck in N3 snow? Here's what SA motorists should do

Earlier in July, Wheels24 reported that the South African Weather Services warned motorists travelling to KwaZulu-Natal to take extra care as heavy weather is expected along sections of the N3 Toll route.

News24 reported  that heavy snow has affected large parts of the N3 Toll route on Sunday with many drivers caught out in the cold.

10. WATCH: Driver gives law-breaking taxi a reality check in SA

Most road users allow unruly taxi drivers to continue to endanger motorists. Try and confront a reckless taxi driver and you might end up in a heated confrontation... or worse.

A Durban driver takes a stand against a law-breaking taxi, and wins.


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