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This hard-hitting ad will make you think twice about texting and driving

2017-07-17 10:43

Janine Van der Post

Image: YouTube / SafelyHome

Warning - This article contains videos featuring graphic imagery.

Cape Town - The Western Cape transport department is well known for its shock tactics in employed by its #SafelyHome campaign  in an effort to curb bad road behaviour. 

Earlier in July, the Western Cape transport department an controversial ad in a bid to fight the significant high levels of drunk driving in South Africa.

An ad posted on its YouTube channel focuses on texting and driving. It takes a seriously dark twist...

Taking a dark turn...

The latest ad might come across as funny as several people are captured via CCTV walking into poles and various objects (one even falls into a pond) in SA, as they're distracted while using their mobile phones.  


It shows that some people can't even pay attention while they're walking and texting, and ask "how then can motorists text and drive"? Watch the video below before you decide to use your phone while driving #ItCanWait.

We've included previous clips by the department.

WARNING: This video contain graphic footage:

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Saturday (July 1) marked the launch of the pilot phase of the Random Breath Testing (RBT) project targeted specifically at drink driving, claims the department.

Grim 'First Kiss' ad 

The first of the department's award-winning ads, First Kiss, set the bar for these controversial ads. 
Minister of transport and public works Donald Grant says: "As road crashes and fatalities continue to devastate lives and to impact negatively on the socio-economic development of the Western Cape, we have continued to do all we can to tackle the main causes of injuries and fatalities. 

"Our evidence-based approach continues to yield positive results, helping us to devise innovative solutions aimed at improving road safety. RBT is the latest in the many innovations that we have implemented in the past to save lives."

Watch more #SafelyHome ads below:


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