The good, bad and ugly of Fernando Alonso's F1 career

'Fernando Alonso is one of the all-time greats', writes Egmont Sippel.

Here's why Toyota's Rush is doing so well

Toyota has apparently now completed its utter domination of the SA gravel travel market, writes Lance Branquinho.

The Grand Tour season 2, Ayrton Senna at Monte Carlo: Video wrap

2017-12-17 14:00

Rouel van Nelson

Image: YouTube

Cape Town - Crazy Nurburgring moments, Grand Tour season 2, Ayrton Senna tribute... here are 5 videos you shouldn't miss. 

Range Rover history, emotional Ford ad

In 1969 Land Rover built 26 prototypes of the Range Rover and gave them the code name: 'Velar'. Since then, four generations have gone on sale, all more advanced than the next but never compromising its off road nature.

As a tribute to one of the all time greats, we relive Senna's ruthless 1988 Monte Carlo race as he described himself as being in a 'different dimension'. 

If you're a Ford fan you'll shed a tear for this emotional ad - battered yet adventurous second-hand Focus is destined for a scrap heap...

Jeremy Clarkson and the rest of the The Grand Tour trio return for season 2 of their hit motoring show. We feature a cool montage showing some of the vehicular lunacy featured this season!

Is that a tank crashing through a mall? What to expect from the 2nd season of The Grand Tour

Epic fails, great saves... 2017 Nurburging best moments

'Welcome home' You'll shed a tear for this emotional Ford ad

ThrowbackThursday: 'I was in a different dimension' - Senna's ruthless 88' Monte Carlo lap

WATCH: Evolution of the Range Rover


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