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Texting, slow driving: 10 most annoying, dangerous driving habits

2017-12-16 07:00


Dublin - Every day in South Africa, and indeed throughout the world, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians lose their lives in road collisions, most of which happen unexpectedly from sudden loss of control over the vehicle. 

No care behind the wheel

Sadly, some road deaths occur because of driver error, with motorists paying the ultimate price for not taking due care behind the wheel.

The Fuelcard Company in the UK conducted a study as to the 10 driving habits which annoy motorists the most and the results were interesting to see. The top 10 are discussed in this infographic from Southside Motor Factors.

Unsurprisingly, reckless behaviours such as speeding and texting at the wheel feature prominently. It is well known that these actions greatly increase the risk of a collision, but motorists continue to indulge in such behaviour anyway.

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There were a couple of surprise inclusions in the top 10, but upon reading the infographic you can see why they can frustrate motorists so easily.

Before your next road trip, read through the graphic to see if you’re often guilty of needless and annoying driving habits. You wouldn’t accept other motorists doing these, so make sure you don’t engage in such actions.

Southside Motor Factors said: "Common sense will tell you that habits such as speeding, texting while driving and using your phone while driving are tantamount to stupidity behind the wheel, but motorists persist in indulging in these inadvisable acts.

"Other habits like eating and smoking at the wheel might not seem as dangerous or reckless, but they can be sufficiently distracting to cloud a driver’s focus, which needs to be 100% for every millisecond of a car journey."

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