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Tesla Model 3's disappointment, Formula E slammed: Motoring wrap

2017-12-20 14:30

Image: Motorpress

Rouel van Nelson

Cape Town -  From South African scholars excelling in a global 4X4 challenge to the Tesla Model 3 being the biggest disappointment of 2017 in the automotive world. 

The topic of Tesla

UPS, an American multinational package delivery company, announced it will buy 125 of Tesla's all-electric semi trucks, the largest such order since the vehicle was unveiled in November.

'Throughout this year the company founded by former Pretoria Boys High matriculant, Elon Musk, did some extraordinary things,' writes Lance Branquinho, but points out the one thing the automaker did not achieve.

More than 150 talented future software engineers aged 11-19, from schools in 16 countries including South Africa, gathered in Abu Dhabi for the Land Rover 4x4 in Schools Technology Challenge world finals.

Then, Formula E has been slammed as a "financial fiasco" by withdrawing race host Montreal.

Motoring wrap: 


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