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#TaxiStrike: Joburg mini-bus drivers demand 'scrapping 100% of fines'

2017-08-16 08:22

Johannesburg - Earlier in June, News24 reported  members of the taxi industry were on strike, blocking major roads, due to the high cost of owning a taxi. 

The strike comes a day after Toyota SA said it would support the taxi industry with complimentary service plans for new Ses’fikile taxis.

News24 reported that taxi drivers embarked on illegal protest action in Tshwane on Wednesday morning (August 16), blocking several roads and railway lines and pelting passing cars with rocks. 

Police said several roads in Mabopane, Ga-Rankuwa, Soshanguve as well as the Mabopane highway have been blocked by taxis. 

We've included traffic tips for affected motorists as well as images of the strike.

Have you been caught up in the taxi strike? Do you think mini-bus taxi drivers' fines should be scrapped? What do you think government should do about unruly taxi drivers?  Email us

Here's why taxi drivers are striking: By the RTMC and Santaco

Arrive Alive reported that the Tshwane Metro Police warned the community in advance that certain areas in Tshwane would be affected. 

The Tshwane Metro Police said in a statement: "As the Department, we do note the rights for people to protest provided that the proper channels to do so has been followed and to respect the rights to safety of others. As law enforcement, any unlawful activity will not be tolerated. Those who will break the law, will be dealt with accordingly.

"Tshwane Metro Police and other law enforcement agencies will deploy members to areas that may be affected for law enforcement.

"Members of the public are encouraged to report any illegal activity at: 012 358 7095 / 6 or 012 358 1906/05."

Tips for motorists

Here are top tips for beating traffic chaos:

1 Plan your route: You might drive the same daily route to work but it's imperative to have an alternative. Acquaint yourself with alternative routes and new areas.

2 Don’t tailgate: Adjust your following distance and keep a 2-3 second gap between the car ahead. This could prevent a nasty fender-bender and will allow room to maneuver.

3 Calm down: If you're stuck in traffic, realise that you're not the only that's stressed out and potentially late for work. Violence is never the answer. If someone cuts you off, Arrive Alive comments: “Take a deep breath, simply back off a little and regain enough space – what counts is your safety!”

4 Park off or go for coffee: If there’s an alternative route or road, why not go for breakfast and check your emails, catch-up on work etc.

5 Power-up: Make sure your phone is charged and that you're able to charge-up on the go (i.e powerbank). Have a spare battery or phone stored in your car.

Arrive Alive Johan Jonck said: "Even though there is no denying the importance the minibus taxi industry plays in the transport sector in South Africa - everyone should be equal under the law and in their Obedience of the Rules of the Road! 

"The Department of Transport has been in regular engagement with the Minibus Taxi Industry in Recent Months and the RTMC has been offering several interactions through workshops on Road Safety.

"It is time for the Taxi Industry to also acknowledge that road carnage and Injury to so many commuters and other road users can only be reduced if Everyone Obeys All the Rules of the Road All of the Time and that those who do NOT should be fined and removed from the roads  irrespective of their specific mode of Transport."

Taxi striking in June 2017: 

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