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Snow, rain, tornado: Your bad-weather driving guide for SA

2016-07-28 10:43

EXTREME WEATHER IN SA: Whether it's snow, heavy rains or strong winds, we have 3 guides for safely navigating poor roads in SA. Image: Wheels24

Cape Town - Winter is upon us and large parts of South Africa are affected by adverse weather conditions.

In one week (July 24 - 28), SA experienced heavy snow, storms, floods, hail and a tornado. The combination of extreme weather wreaked havoc on our roads.

On July 24, the SA weather service issued a warning that snow had covered a portion of the N3 Toll route, disrupting traffic. Over the course of three days (July 23 - 25) torrential rain resulted in flooding throughout SA especially in KwaZulu-Natal. On July 26, a devastating tornado, a rare weather phenomenon in SA, destroyed property and damaged many vehicles in Johannesburg.

Here are three guides for dealing with extreme weather in SA:

1 Caught in heavy rain? Here's what SA motorists should do

South Africa scraped through one of its hottest and driest summers in recent years and is now (July) experienced one of its wettest winters. Heavy rain and flooded roads can have a detrimental effect on your vehicle.

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In many cases, motorists have to contend with water-logged routes in order to arrive at their destinations.

The biggest danger with this is that the vehicle’s engine can be damaged, which can lead to both short- and long term problems with the car.

In this article we list a number of ways South African motorists can look after themselves and their vehicles when confronted with heavy rains.

Click here to read the full story.

2 Spotted a tornado? Here's what SA motorists should do

On July 26, SA was left in shock with reports of a tornado ripping through Thembisa, Johannesburg. Many properties reported damage and many vehicles were severely damaged by debris.

This article provides guidance on dealing with strong winds on our roads. Click here to read the full story.

3 Stuck in N3 snow? Here's what SA motorists should do

One of winter’s biggest car killers is snow. Freezing temperatures can damage most of your vehicle's components, such as the engine, and leave you stranded in frigid conditions. The N3 Toll route experienced tremendous snowfall and many SA motorists were affected.

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In snow, motorists are have to contend with slippery, icy roads and run the risk of sliding their vehicles off the road becomes stranded in snow. We listed a number of ways SA motorists can safely navigate snow-affected roads. Click here to read the full story.


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