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Silvia, Sunny, Skyline: Here are some of Nissan's best turbocharged engines ever made

2018-08-22 06:13

Robin Classen

Image: SpeedHunters

Nissan has produced some impressive turbocharged engines over the years and to this day still remains the platform for tuning worldwide.

The automaker released arguably their most potent 4- and 6-cylinder engines with power figures ranging from 150kW to 205kW.

Just a bit of tinkering

The RB26, SR20 and CA18, codes for engines found in respective Skyline GTR and Silvia models, are arguably Nissan's strongest force induced power plants.

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Tuning houses have been able to extract ludicrous amounts of power with a host of aftermarket performance parts and has also become a popular choice for engine swaps in different chassis.

 What is your favourite car from the Nissan stable? Or which engine would you like to see make a comeback? Email usIf you have any of these cars, please send us your pictures and stories.

Unfortunately, neither of the GTR or Silvia models officially made its way to South Africa but the blow was softened somewhat, as the engines of those cars were available to buy for local tuners to get their hands on.

1. RB26DETT (Nissan Skyline GTR R32/R33)

The Skyline is a beast of a car and that acclaim is thanks to its RB26DETT engine that it came out of the factory with.

It's power output was rated at 205kW and mated to Nissan's ATTESA all-wheel-drive system was a potent combination. It coined the nickname 'Godzilla' because of its dominance on the racing circuit.

The wealth of tuning options available for this engine is plentiful with tuners extracting more than 700kW (1000hp) with a host of simple upgrades like a bigger turbo.

2. SR20DET (Nissan Silvia/Sunny)

This was the next best thing for car nut's that couldn't get their hands on the more powerful RB.

It came in a variety of Silvia and 'Sunny' models overseas, all of which never reached SA shores and produced around 150kW from the factory.

The engine in the Silvia S15 and Pulsar GTI-R received a bump in power, making as much as 169kW. Nissan also released a stronger version of the SR20, fitted with Variable Valve Timing (VVT) which was found in the Nissan X-Trail GT. It made 206kW.

3. CA18DET (Silvia/200SX)

It might not be as popular as the SR20, but the CA18 is one of the most under-rated engines. It's 1.8-litre displacement was good for 124kW (167hp) and is usually the preferred choice for beginner drifters.

The engine is known for its strong torque and ability to produce boost at low revs.

4. VG30DETT (300ZX)

This was another of Nissan's twin-turbo offerings alongside the RB26 and was predominantly found in the 300ZX where it was limited to 206kW in Japan.

It produced as much as 243kW in other cars and countries but not many people took a liking to it as the RB offered more in terms of tuning potential.

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