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SEE: Worst traffic in SA? Capetonians will spend the equivalent of 6 days stuck in traffic each year

2018-09-26 08:42

Khaya Dondolo

Being bogged down in traffic can have a huge effect on your work and personal life, not to mention the detrimental effects it has on the overall economy. 

Which city has the worst traffic in South Africa?

Cape Town motorists spend an average of 42 minutes bogged down in peak-hour traffic each day, reports TomTom. This means that Capetonian road users will spend the equivalent of six days stuck in traffic each year. 

Motorists in Johannesburg need to allow for an extra 37mins when travelling through peak morning/evening traffic.

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WorldAtlas.com predicts more traffic congestion in Cape Town as its population grows each year. Motorists in Bloemfontein spend an average of 18mins a day during peak-hour traffic.

Check out the top 6 traffic congested cities in South Africa:


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