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2018-10-17 11:00

Select Car Leasing

Image: iStock

The influence and popularity of the world’s most well-known car brands is often measured by sales figures, but does that really tell the full story? Select Car Leasing, using Google's data, takes a look into the most searched for car brands around the world for the past 12 months. 

The data reveals a fascinating insight into global car interest and desires in 2018. These vehicle's aren't necessarily the most sold vehicles in their respective countries; in South Africa Toyota and Volkswagen take the lion's share in terms of most popular vehicles.

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According to Select Car Leasing: "As bakkies remain incredibly popular in Africa, particularly in tourist heavy countries, it perhaps isn’t surprising to see Toyota a clear leader in the region and searched for in a massive 26 countries.

"Again, BMW and Mercedes-Benz make an appearance, being searched for in 10 and 7 countries respectively. The dominance of these three major car brands means there is little room for any other manufacturers to climb to the top of the tree, with the likes of Mini, Peugeot and Mitsubishi topping the search charts in just one country each."


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