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SEE: In case of an emergency here's why you should be read SA route markers

2018-10-18 09:45

Khaya Dondolo

Stop and rest picture by arrive alive

Image: Arrive Alive

Suffering a mechanical breakdown can be disastrous on our roads. Sometimes car issues can strike when you're seemingly in the middle of "nowhere". Fortunately, those tiny boards along most of SA's road network could prove invaluable.

Take note of kilometre markers

In case you find yourself stranded, "kilometre markers" can be useful or possibly save a life.

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Arrive Alive's Johan Jonck said "There are emergency patrol vehicles placed on national roads, if people are able to pinpoint their location the closest vehicle will be sent immediately" therefore finding them will be much quicker.

There are a couple of reasons why you'd need to be able to read these markers.

A common thing about all these popular road incidents is that in order for you to get the help you need to be able to know your exact location.

Have you ever noticed route markers on the road and what they meant? If not, what did you think it actually indicated? Email us

Knowing your nearest city is okay but it's not accurate. When you are able to read a route marking board you are in a good chance of getting help quicker because emergency services will know where to find you and won't hesitate about your whereabouts.

To be able to read the route marker board you need to be able to understand what are the symbols in it indicate (N2-5 51,8S).

N2 = Route or road you traveling in

-5 = Anything after the dash following the route is the section within the route you traveling in ( this can also include alphabets or be both i.e 5X)

51,8 = Indicate Kilometres position on the route section you traveling in

S = is the direction you traveling to i.e South

This is how you would read the route marker on the infographic above, "I'm traveling on N2 in section 5, 51.8 km south

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