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Meet Smokey Nagata

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2019-06-07 09:25
vw golf gti

Image: Wheels24 / Sergio Davids

The designers that create  iconic and long-lasting cars shape the motoring landscape for generations, using their vehicles as inspiration in so many ways.

However, the cultural impact of these cars goes way beyond simply enlivening the next wave of automotive innovation, with artists, thinkers or creators everywhere influenced and motivated by what they see on our roads.

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Like many artists, a car designer's vision and craftsmanship are often underappreciated.

The simple Fiat Uno or popular Ford F250 would rarely be thought of in the same way as the Sistine Chapel or Golden Gate Bridge, although if we compare how often cars like these are seen against other major global iconic pieces of art and architecture, it becomes abundantly clear how influential cars are on the modern psyche.

To do this, Select Car Leasing used official data from the RAC, national tourism authorities as well as car registration databases to estimate how often these iconic cars are seen every day compared to their more traditional counterparts and they impact they have.

In the list below, the vehicle specialist compares cars against major pieces of art across the globe, shining a light on how important cars are on human beings' mindset in 2019.

Ford F Series v Golden Gate Bridge

                                                                            Image: Select Car Leasing

Renault Clio v Mona Lisa

                                                                               Image: Select Car Leasing
Fiat Uno v Sistine Chapel

                                                                      Image: Select Car Leasing

Ford Falcon v Sydney Opera House

                                                                                    Image: Select Car Leasing

Seat Ibiza v Sagrada Familia

                                                                                             Image: Select Car Leasing

Toyota Corolla v Himeji Castle

                                                                                               Image: Select Car Leasing

Ford Fiesta v Angel Of The North

                                                                                             Image: Select Car Leasing

VW Golf v Cologne Cathedral

                                                                                            Image: Select Car Leasing


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