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SEE: How cars became dining rooms - the cool history of drive-throughs

2019-05-14 07:00


drive thru

Image: iStock

There’s nothing better than the delicious smell of french fries filling your car as you speed off to enjoy your late-night feast but do you know how drive-throughs came to be?

The guys at Carrentals.com  have created a cool infographic detailing the history of drive-throughs?  

Carrentals.com  said: "Cars were actually being used as dining rooms before drive-through even existed, as the first drive-in restaurants became popularized in the early 1920s.

"At drive-ins, drivers were greeted in the parking lots by 'carhops', who would take their order back to the restaurant and return with trays of burgers and fries that clipped onto the car window. You may still see this practice today if the drive-thru lane is especially crowded!

"Customers would then sit and eat the meal in their cars in the restaurant parking lot. From there, it was a natural evolution for drivers to pull up and order at windows, to save the carhops the time that it took to walk back and forth between the restaurant and cars."

Check out the graphic below: Info by Carrentals.com 


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