Extended DLTC hours for Gauteng

Testing centres in Gauteng have extended hours of operation for expired drivers' licences.

On the road during lockdown

Here's what motorists should know.

SEE: Flashy red or rental-car friendly white - SA's most popular car colours in 2019

2019-03-28 06:00

Khaya Dondolo

Image: Press Association

Fiery red paint jobs have been receiving a lot of love among South African motorists yet when it comes to car colours the majority of local car-buyers still prefer rental-car friendly white.  

More red cars on our roads

Red is proving popular in 2019 with a huge increase from 0.1% in 2018 to 8.2% during the month of "love" placing it 4th in terms of the most popular car colours during February.

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However, white paint jobs still continue to be a favourite among SA motorists, outshining all other colours in 2019.

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Lighstone Auto  provided us with data, listing car sales in 2019 by colour. 

Car sales by colour canva_ Khaya Dondolo

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