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2019-10-11 04:30

Robin Classen

Porsche GT3 RS side

Image: Calvin Fisher

It's a treat driving a car with an eye-catching paint job from the factory or even one with a custom hue, but choosing the brightest body colour isn't necessarily a good thing. Here's why...

White has become the colour of choice for most motorists when buying a new car. It's the go-to colour when most South Africans buy a new vehicle.

Colours likes 'Acid Yellow' and 'Burnt Orange' are just some of the fancy body shades on offer from manufacturers, and they are lovely, and can usually be resprayed the in the exact match in the event of your car being damaged. But, it's not always the case.

Long term effects

While it is great to drive a car with a unique or noticeable 'lick' of paint, there are a number of factors to consider in the long run.


                                                                         Image: Warren Wilson

Do you have a car with a unique or custom paint job? Email us your photos and tell us your story, or tell us what colour your car is and how your keep it looking good?

Michael van Eijk from Brighton Body and Spray says: "With so many colours to choose from lately, white still remains the most practical as it is easier to get repaired and also the most popular when it comes to reselling a vehicle.

"Silver is also popular from a resale point of view, but a bit more tricky and expensive to get repaired.

Mercedes-AMG A 35 (W177), Sonnengelb, Kraftstoffve

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"Fancier colours with higher pearl contents can create a more striking appearance but costs are much higher when it comes to repairs or spraying of body panels. Dark colours require a lot of maintenance, as scratch marks show much easier as on lighter colours," he adds.

Black BMW

Wheels24's Janine Van der Post says: "Black is a stunning colour on most cars, but you have to keep your hand on it as it shows any imperfections in the body, and it highlights the dirt on your vehicle.

"If you really need to have a red or yellow car, or any other unusual shade, consider where your car parks during the day as weather elements play a huge role. If your car is parked under direct sunlight while you are at work all day, that shiny bright red car won't stay that way for too long.

Mazda 3

"Custom paint jobs give owners a unique flare, but what happens when you're in a crash, or your vehicle gets damaged? Matching your exact shade might become a very difficult task."

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