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2018-12-12 08:47
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There’s nothing better than a good laugh on a long road trip, especially when you’ve been in the car for an extended period of time.

That’s why stumbling upon a hilarious street sign or road marker out of the blue is always priceless as the infographic from Car Rentals.com shows - talk about humour when you least expect it.

Downright hilarious

Engineers devise road signs as a way to maintain order, stop signs make for safe intersections and street names tell you when you’ve arrived at the right location, but others are just hilarious.

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Some are even such a novelty that they’ve had to be secured to the post with wire or theft-resistant bolts. Whether the individuals who thought up these signs were intentionally trying to be funny or not, these signs are guaranteed to evoke a great reaction.

Whether you’re driving through the rural Southwest or on one of the longest roads in the world, there’s a lesson to be learned here - keep your eyes peeled. You never know what gems you’ll discover on your next road trip.

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