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2019-09-12 07:00

Compiled by Leigh-Ann Londt, Janine Van der Post


Image: BudgetDirect

Ealier this year, the prospect of a merger between French automaker Renault and Italian-US auto giant Fiat Chrysler received a warm welcome and analysts hailed the idea as "an ideal fit for two companies who must keep up in the highly competitive industry".

It would have also meant that the 50-50 combination offered by Fiat, which sells 4.8-million vehicles a year, would create the world's third-biggest automaker by adding Renault's sales of 3.8-million.

But, the hope soon faded as the plans were dropped as fast as it was thought of.

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The cool folks at BudgetDirect decided to create images of what they imagined would have been some of the coolest combinations to come out of the merged superpower.

According to BudgetDirect: "For a few weeks, car fans were salivating at the prospect of the new crossover creations that could have emerged from the manufacturer."

"The merger plans would have seen the combined group become the third largest car manufacturer in the world (possibly the biggest if Renault’s alliance with Nissan was carried over), delivering massive savings from joint purchasing agreements as well as a meeting of creative minds on battery technology.

"However, it was a crossover of some of the world’s most iconic vehicles that would have got car lovers everywhere excited."

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