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2019-02-14 19:00

LeaseFetcher, Jack Bailey

Image: Newspress

If you've ever watched any of our world leaders travelling through major cities on important business, you’ve probably noticed that they’ve never hitched a ride in a humble Mini or a trusty Ford Focus.

When they are surrounded by enormous crowds of civilian observers, transporting the Kings, Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers from Point A to Point B is an off-the-charts stressful task.

Heavy artillery

Immense pressure is placed on their dedicated security teams, the armed forces, and the police to keep these leaders safe and sound for the full journey. The whole world is watching, after all, so nothing can go wrong.

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To ease some of the pressure off of these groups, the official state cars are kitted out with a range of security features, fitted with heavy armour to ward off potential attacks.

From bombproof reinforced windows and floors to airtight cabins with oxygen supplies that last hours, the designers have really thought of it all.

But for our esteemed world leaders, safety is not the only concern on their agenda.

                                                                       Image: Newspress

Through clever engineering, their state vehicles can still retain their luxury feel and stylish aesthetic whilst wrapping our leaders tightly in cotton wool.

There is a great deal of history behind the choice of some of our leaders’ cars. In some parts of the world, the same car is passed down for generations, serving each new leader that comes into power.

The cars undergo rigorous maintenance and upgrades to ensure that they are fully functioning and fit for purpose.

For some other royals and political figures, it’s more a case of personal taste!

Some leaders enjoy the glitz and glamour that comes part and parcel with their status, so they have hand-picked particularly opulent motors, very befitting of someone with so much wealth and power.

Others have opted for more muted models, preferring a no-fuss understated and practical design that speaks for itself, without the need for jazzy bells and whistles. As long as they’re protected, they don’t need the flashiest car that money can buy.

So, what cars do the leaders of the world roll around in? You’re bound to have asked this question before.

LeaseFetcher  investigated the models owned by leaders near and far, spanning from the UK through to Pakistan, India to Japan, Australia to the USA.

We’ve also done some deep digging to uncover any extra snazzy features each model possesses as well as noting interesting stories behind their selections.

What do you think of their choices? Do you think they are in keeping with their elevated status?

For now, I think we’ll have to be content with admiring these models from afar.

Something makes me think these super vehicles won’t be easily available in car showrooms or listed on a dedicated car leasing comparison website any time soon.

Here it is - the cars fit for Kings, Queens and other world leaders.

Click on the infographic below: 

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