The good, bad and ugly of Fernando Alonso's F1 career

'Fernando Alonso is one of the all-time greats', writes Egmont Sippel.

Here's why Toyota's Rush is doing so well

Toyota has apparently now completed its utter domination of the SA gravel travel market, writes Lance Branquinho.

SEE: 15 most expensive cars in the world

2017-11-10 07:27

Image: Supplied

London - Koenigsegg One, Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari F60 America... are just some of the most expensive vehicles in the world.

Want an ultra rare car that would make any oligarch seethe with jealousy? The Maybach Excelero carries a price tag of $8-million.

How about a car that can sport diamonds or rubies in its headlights? Look no further than the Lykan Hypersport; this hypercar can be seen smashing its way through the skyscrapers in 'Furious 7' and is sold from $3.4-million.

The guys at  TechRogers.com  has created a cool list of the world's most expensive rides.

According to TechRogers: "Travelling by car is indeed an experience in its own and travelling in expensive and premium cars is a lifetime experience for many. We look at 15 of the most expensive cars in the world."

If price wasn't an object, what car would you purchase? Tell us why


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