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SA drivers not prepared for long trips - EMS

2015-12-04 08:20

Sean Parker

SA DRIVERS ILL-PREPARED: The Emergency Medical Services in the Western Cape says SA drivers must prepare before road trips. Image: News24

Cape Town - As South Africans embark on holidays, traffic will increase as millions of vehicles take extended journeys to coastal or inland destinations.

While a greater emphasis is placed on road safety over the holiday season, drivers should constantly be vigilant on our roads throughout the year.

Sadly, many road users are ill-prepared for long trips on SA's roads.

Planning your journey

Wheels24 interviewed Robert Daniels, spokesperson for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the Western Cape, to discuss road safety for the 2015/16 holiday period.

Daniels highlighted a main concern for EMS at this time of the year - drivers not being prepared to be on the road for extended periods of time.

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Daniels emphasised the importance of planning a road trip and not making a rash decision to bundle items and children into the car before heading on holiday.

He added: "There a few basic things we can check upfront to ensure a safer journey for ourselves and our family."

Basic checks YOU should do before an SA road trip:

  • Is my driver's licence valid?
  • Is my vehicle roadworthy?
  • Is my vehicle equipped with a spare wheel?
  • Am I well rested before heading on the road?  

Get the kids involved

Another road-trip tip from Daniels' is to involve your children during the planning stage of a road trip. Invite your children, provided they are able to navigate/use a smartphone, to assist in planning the route via GPS apps such as Google Maps.

Daniels said a fun 'game' would be for the kids to search for towns or places along the route and sight-seeing opportunities, keeping them occupied by using their tablets and smartphones in the journey structuring.

Watch the full interview below:


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