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Robbed in seconds: Car-jammers strike in Joburg

2017-01-05 07:48

Charlen Raymond

REMOTE-JAMMING IN SA: Another driver falls victim to theft in SA. Image: YouTube

Johannesburg - South Africa is one of the world's hot spots for hijacking and vehicle theft. Alarmingly, many car owners are also robbed of their possessions by criminals breaking into vehicles.

A growing trend among criminals is the use of car-remote jamming; a technique used by criminals whereby a signal blocks attempts to lock your vehicle via your alarm remote.

Over in a matter of seconds

A video posted by CICA, shows car-jamming in action as yet another SA motorist falls victim to criminals in Johannesburg. 

In the video you can spot two cars are parked next to each other. Both vehicles are parked at the entrance to convenience store at a fueling station. A man exists the white Hyundai i20, parked in a 'disabled parking' bay, and approaches the grey Mazda 2.

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Within in seconds, the man moves to the Mazda's boot, opens it and removes what appears to be a laptop bag.

Nonchalantly, the burglar returns to the getaway car's backseat before driving off.

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Four ways to guard against remote-jamming

1. Physically check that your vehicle is locked once even if you've locked it with a remote.

2. Keep valuables out of sight in the vehicle’s boot.

3. Stash your valuables before you park: place them in the boot before you start your journey, not once you arrive at your destination where someone may be watching.

3. If for some reason you are unable to lock your vehicle, rather park it in another location.

See videos below of more victims of car-jamming:

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Victims' experiences

Fazila Joosab: My son was a victim of remote-jamming in Durban. They took his laptop which was in the bag along with lots of documents. His credit cards were in the bag as well. They withdrew R4000 and used R6000 at a bar with a card that required a pin...

B Sheik: I am the security manager at a shopping centre and need the public to know what I know. I have followed up and realised that these guys jamming vehicles even hire vehicles to go out and commit these crimes! I had an altercation with two men. One of the suspects is a passenger in a Polo Vivo with a GP registration. As from time to time they would pass through the centre and they know that we know who they are and would then leave. 

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In particular the Polo Vivo after the altercation and pics taken, a week later one of my staff had informed me that the vehicle was on site and parked. Upon monitoring the vehicle, I saw a couple approaching the vehicle thought not same males from the previous encounter. I approached one and explained to him that under no circumstances am I accusing him but this vehicle is known to us. He was quite understanding and showed me the paperwork of where the vehicle was hired from! I have taken pics of these documents.

How you can protect yourself

Sanji Security Systems has developed an anti-car-jamming device called ZX Jam Alert. The mobile device is installed below the bonnet of your car and "sniffs" out other RF signals in vicinity of the vehicle.

When the device detects possible car-jamming, which allows criminals to stop owners from locking their vehicles, the device will 'chirp' four times to alert the owner. 

Vehicle specialist Moinuddin Gaibe explains: "The way this device works is whenever they (criminals) depress a remote and they keep it depressed while you're trying to lock your car, the RF signal from the remote - any remote whether its a garage door remote, another car remote (which is not in the area), it then restricts or jams your RF signal from allowing you to lock your vehicle.

"Under normal circumstances a driver would lock their car and just walk away thinking their car is locked when they hit the remote. Unknowingly a criminal has targeted their car and pressed their remote at the same time, blocking their signal."

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