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Road rage: Parking dispute leads to stabbing, car driven into crowd

2017-12-04 08:48

Image: AP

New York - Police say a man angry about a parking dispute stabbed two people and then drove into a group of pedestrians along a New York City sidewalk.

Authorities say it happened around 4.30am on Sunday outside a hookah lounge in Queens.

They say it started with the driver of a sedan getting out of his car and stabbing two people in the chest.

Police say the driver then got back into his car, drove off, jumped a curb and hit a group of pedestrians. One person was killed, and five others injured, one of them critically.

The other people hit and the two people stabbed were in stable condition. Authorities say the driver is in custody. Charges have not yet been filed.

MasterDrive SA has compiled a list 10 tips to help drivers avoid road rage: 

1 A key component of good driving is defensive driving where you anticipate the actions of others. When you drive defensively, you know someone is going to cut you off long before they actually do. 
2 Adjust your driving style to allow another motorists to cut in and save yourself the anger that comes with taking evasive action last second.
3 Do not get IN your car when you are angry. Give yourself some time to cool off before driving otherwise even the smallest mistake from another driver will seem much bigger than what it is. While some may use driving as a way to calm down, studies suggest this is not the best idea.  
4 Give yourself enough time to get to your destination. Running late will raise anxiety and frustration levels making you vulnerable to drastic reactions.
5 Do not drive fatigued as it also raises your aggression levels.

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6 Find something that puts you in a good mood during your drive. This can be listening to a certain genre of music or listening to comedic skits. But remember, organise this before you start driving.
7 If you know that you lose your temper easily, find methods of regaining your composure, for example, breathing exercises.
8 Do not drive in a manner that will enrage other drivers either, for example tailgating and continually swapping lanes.
9 Follow MasterDrive’s slogan: 'drive nice, it’s contagious'. Many South African drivers will do their best to prevent another car from joining their lane. Driving like this sets you up for unnecessary anger and forces other drivers to take drastic measures.
10 Just let it go.

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