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'One of the most important life decisions' - Here's why choosing the right car for you is not a simple math

2018-09-28 13:30

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Whether it’s a compact, a zooty little number with lots of spunk, or something tough and rugged that allows you to channel your inner Chuck Norris, with so many vehicle models on the market today, choosing a new car can sometimes prove quite overwhelming.

Musa Wilkinson, Marketing and Communication for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), the world’s 8th largest automobile manufacturer, says that although choosing a new car is always exciting - particularly if it’s the first set of wheels that you will be calling your own - it should not be an impulse decision that one might live to regret. Instead, he suggests taking the time to do research to ensure your new four-wheeled traversing companion is the right fit for you.

Be best prepared

"Investing in a vehicle is probably one of the most important life decisions you will ever make. Ask any veteran car owner to list the cars they have previously owned over the years, and most will instantly recall which they considered good or bad purchases.

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To ensure that buying a car is memorable for all the right reasons, gathering enough information to make the right choice that suits your individual needs is essential. Here it really comes down to conducting a thorough needs analysis and being realistic about what you can afford," Wilkinson advises.

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However, for Wilkinson, that being said, buying a new car should not only be about ticking all the right boxes in terms of practicality and price, but new buyers should also allow themselves to have a little fun in the process.

"For many car owners buying a car is an emotive decision where choosing the make and model is influenced by their unique personality and style, and their choice of vehicle is regarded as an extension of this," he adds.

Here are Wilkinson’s top tips when it comes to choosing a new car:

1. Be realistic Rockefeller!

Make sure your wants don’t outweigh your means. Remember the cost of a new vehicle extends way beyond the initial purchase price, and the cost of fuel and long-term maintenance also need to be factored into the purchase decision.

                                                                         Image: iStock

Find out about the average mileage the vehicle can achieve on a tank of petrol in order to determine just how economical it is, as well as gain a better perspective on how much you will be spending on petrol a month based on your individual travelling requirements. Also, query and consider the various service and maintenance plans on offer.

2. It’s not just about getting more bang for your buck

Always be wary of seemingly bargain deals, especially if you are looking at buying a used vehicle. What you see is not always what you get, and it’s therefore important to be thorough in your questioning and examination of the vehicle. If you don’t know much about cars, take someone along who does and get them to ask the necessary questions and take the vehicle for a test drive.

                                                                         Image: iStock

Novice buyers may get spoken into making a decision based on price when the vehicle is really not a match for their needs and requirements.

3. Be you and proud of it

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to cars. And fortunately, there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing both the make and model of the vehicle and then going on to fit it out with all the bells and whistles based on your own personal taste.

With an array of colours, interiors, sound systems, accessories and enhancements to choose from, the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing and accessorising a new or pre-owned car.


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