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On the up: Why Hot Wheels toy cars also has appreciation value

2018-05-26 07:00

Image: iStock

Just like real life cars, their smaller Hot Wheels counterparts also have appreciation value. Some could possibly on par with actual road cars.

Depending on the type of car and its rarity classification, some of its appreciation value is high and some not so much.

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The fact that a toy car has almost as much value as a normal one is staggering on its own and people pride themselves on collecting them regardless.

The percentages range from 11% all the way to 35%. The table below gives a more accurate description.

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Take a look at the Wheeler Dealer list for more current values of some toy cars here. 

Wheels24 also chatted to Neal Giordano, founder of the North Carolina Hot Wheels Association. Giordana has been valuing diecast toy cars for over 20 years. He's written two books on the subject and his price guides are used worldwide by collectors. 

Check out the infographic below:

Giordana tells us why these cars are so collectable, are they worth selling and how colour affects its price. Read more further below...

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