On the road during lockdown

Here's what motorists should know.

Meet Smokey Nagata

The man behind the legendary twin-turbo V12 Toyota Supra build.

New models coming to SA in 2019, Safe driving tips for Christmas - Here are your top motoring stories of the week

2018-12-16 10:00

Robin Classen


Image: Supplied

With Christmas creeping closer and lots of people starting their long-awaited holidays, take a look at some of the essential driving tips and what to be mindful of this festive season.

South Africa might be getting its very first Tesla dealership after the automaker's boss Elon Musk tweeted that it might occur as early as the end of 2019.

In case you missed it

A small German town love Elvis Presley so much that they've named a street after him and also changed the traffic lights to mimic his famous dance poses.

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Porsche is adding V6 power to its Macan SUV while the 17 most hilarious road signs will have you asking yourself 'does this actually exist'.

A car that can shrink and basically park anywhere? A start up Israeli company is making it a reality with their City Transformer electric concept car. Oh how that car would come in handy here in SA.

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