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Need a gift for a petrolhead? Here's 5 great car ideas

2016-12-23 12:06

Janine Van der Post

HO HO HO! Don't know what to buy your partner for Christmas? Santa's got just the list for you! Image: iStock

Cape Town - What do you buy your car-loving husband - or wife? Well, it's really easy and hardly needs much thought.

Wheels24's Janine Van der Post shares 5 gift ideas that any car enthusiast will love - for any occasion. 

And when you're a petrolhead yourself, the job is so much easier because all you have to do is think of the things you would really want for yourself, or your car.

Wants vs. needs

There's always the wants vs. needs list so consider that too. Perhaps there's something your loved one has put on the back of their priority list that you could see to.

Mohamed Mayat, owner of Autostyle Motorsport - one of the first and biggest aftermarket car accessory stores in Joburg and Durban - told Wheels24 what flies off his store shelves this time of year. So he also has a few great ideas.

Mayat says: "Smart balance boards are extremely favourite this year; so are powerbanks, emergency kits with a triangle and jumper cables, Evo Tuning car cleaning kits, and even keyrings are our most popular items during this festive season." 

Down in the Cape, Alie Abass from A-Bass Auto, another car accessory and audio store, has a different list.

Abass says: "There isn't a day that goes by during the holidays that we don't sell these three top-sellers: HID headlight kits, car radios (decks), windshields and bonnet guards."

Image: A-Bass Auto

Here are some more simple ideas:

1. Carwash kit: These can be bought at your local supermarket, or even the garage if you're in a hurry - or forgot, but it will be pricier. You can easily get a whole kit for R100 which includes car shampoo, wax, a chamois - a type of soft pliable leather now made from sheepskin or lambskin; and an airfreshner. Bigger kits with more products obviously cost a bit more. There are also more expensive kits for well-known car products such as Meguiar's or Evo Tuning - they're always a hit! Autostyle has a huge range of combo products available too.

Image: Autostyle Motorsport

2. HID kits or Headlight cleaner kits: It's no point your car is all shiney and clean but your headlights look dull and faded. Most car owners despises this and try at all means to make their lights look like new. Apparently running toothpaste and buffing it up works wonders, then there's also using sandpaper and water - I'm not quite sure how that works. But, buying a full restoration kit seems easier, and wiser. You can buy these at car styling stores, Midas, AutoZone, or even Game. That, are you can opt for an HID headlight kit for a brand new set of bright headlights. Cheaper, and it increases night vision when driving.

3. Advanced Driving Courses: I can't think of any petrolhead who wouldn't want to go for a gifted advanced driving course. There aren't many automakers left who do them, but BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen all offer specialised courses to help you become a better driver. High-speed performance courses are the ultimate and you get to put some peddle to the metal in some cool cars. There are also smaller private companies who offer courses in various areas.

4. Rims, Tyres: Usually car owners love to spoil themselves by buying a set of flashy rims for their car when they have a bit of extra cash this time of year. If you really love you husband or wife, (or looking to score massive brownie points) and you know they need some new wheels - and you have a big budget of at least R5000, this is the gift to get. You could always just buy the rims of tyres, and they could save up for the rest.

Image: iStock

5. Sound systems: A friend of mine owns a car audio installations workshop and accessory store. The queue outside his business place during the festive season is almost as long as that of any shopping store two days before Christmas. Perhaps your loved one's car audio was stolen, or they're in desparate need of some new speakers. Car audio is a treat for any owner!


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