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Motorists to cough up as much as R400 a day to park in the Cape Town CBD

2018-07-10 12:55

Robin Classen

Image: iStock

If finding parking in the Cape Town CBD isn't hard enough, the City of Cape Town plans to increase roadside parking to as much as R400 per day.

According to Cape Town Etca mayoral committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 10 and could be implemented by as early as 1 July 2019.

Bad news for motorists

People that park for longer than two hours will feel the increase the most.

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According to the COCT, new charges mean that those parking for more than two hours in Zone A, will pay just over R400 – and will be allowed to park for 8 hours without paying a fine. Currently, it costs R130 for 8 hours in these areas.

If you park for longer than 2 hours in each of the zones, there is a fine of R450.

In addition, motorists parking in Zone B will pay the same amount they are currently paying for up to two hours of parking, but pay about R300 for a full day’s parking with no fine imposed.

The reason for the hikes?

The increased parking tariff is simply to alleviate traffic congestion and make it easier for people to find parking in the city.

Public transportation will definitely be booming if the plan is implemented.


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