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Hard-hitting SA ad says aggressive driving is 'a form of abuse'

2017-11-25 07:26

Image: YouTube

Cape Town - 'There are many forms of abuse, aggressive driving is one of them,' says the Western Cape transport department in its latest hard-hitting ad focusing on reckless driving.

The video shows an injured, female passenger speaking about her partner's reckless driving, emulating the terrible abuse suffered by many women in South Africa.  

The ad, as part of the department's SafelyHome campaign, is in support of 16 Days of Activism to end violence against women and Children.

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The women in the video said: "I begged him to stop but it only made it worse. It's like there's this thing inside of him that just snaps. He's like that, he won't listen to reason. I just have to sit there and take it but this time he just totally lost control. They said I was lucky to be alive. They said if he'd been driving any faster I wouldn't be here today."

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