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Mahindra's deep roots in SA, Children driving at the age of 10 - Top motoring stories of the day

2019-02-18 19:00

Robin Classen

Toyota Corolla 2019

Image: Press Association

Mahindra has become a big player in the automotive game in SA, with further plans put in place to deepen its roots in the country.

Children in the UK are driving from as early as 10-years old, but would you allow your child to be behind the wheel on the highway here in SA?

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Toyota will bolster their line-up with the launch of the Corolla hatchback later in March, a model that replaces the outgoing Auris. We have pricing for the new Hatch.

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Most cars these days come out of the factory with automatic transmissions. Be sure to check out the cool clip showing the various setups and how they work.

Volkswagen's new ID electric car is the German brand's answer to future mobility and technology that will be incorporated in the future as well.

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