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'Knock on effect' - This hard-hitting SA ad will make you think twice about speeding

2017-08-15 14:00

Sergio Davids

Image: Youtube

Warning - This article contains videos featuring graphic imagery.

Cape Town - The Western Cape transport department is well known for its shock tactics employed by its #SafelyHome campaign  in its efforts to curb road deaths. 

Earlier in August, Wheels24 reported on new ad released by the department, this time focussing on speeding on SA's roads.

Of course, this being SafelyHome, the message is delivered in the most thought-provoking way.

'Knock on effect'.

Western Cape MEC of Transport and Public Works, Donald Grant, said: "Speed remains one of the leading causes of deadly crashes on our roads. On the Safely Home Calendar, August is dedicated to spreading the facts about the role of speed in traffic crashes.

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By raising awareness of the facts about speed, Safely Home aims to help motorists make the safe choice and slow down.

Safely Home has developed a new television commercial (TVC), 'The Knock On Effect', aimed at informing about the risks inherent in South Africa’s high speed culture, and how just knocking 5 kms off your speed can avoid the knock on effects of road crashes."

What do you think of new 'Knock on effect' ad? Could SA curb its horrendous road-death toll if motorists reduced their speed?  Email us

Watch 'The Knock On Effect' below:

Less speed, more time to react

"Road safety issues, including speeding, have been subjected to scientific analysis for nearly one hundred years and a vast body of research has been developed," Grant said.

The consensus of road safety best practice is:
  • The faster you drive, the worse the crash will be due to the greater force involved 
  • The faster you drive, the higher the likelihood of your being in a crash due to having less time to react to unexpected hazards. 
  • Even small decreases in average speed travelled equals many lives saved.

WARNING: This video contain graphic footage:

Increase your stopping distance


Grant said: "We also know definitively that driving more slowly gives motorists more time to react to unexpected events, and exponentially increases the chance of avoiding a collision.

"At 65km/h, the stopping distance of an ordinary sedan car is approximately 20% further than at 60km/h. This can mean the difference between life and death, especially for vulnerable road users like pedestrians. 

"The knock on effects of a crash are devastating for the family of all the victims. Because road crash victims are so often breadwinners, the heartbreak and psychological devastation of losing a loved one is multiplied by economic hardship."

Watch more #SafelyHome ads below:

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