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INFOGRAPHIC: The car buying divide

2017-06-21 10:36

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London - Performance, price, design... men and women have different car-buying behaviours.

Buying a car is often considered a rite of passage, but once the shiny newness wears off, how men and women find a new car differs quite a bit.

What are the most important factors when it comes to car-buying? An infographic by CJponyparts highlights issues regarding car-buying behaviours.

Lower prices for men?

According to CJponyparts: "Confidence in the car you’re looking for can lead to you getting a better price. Car dealers generally know when they’re dealing with someone who isn't confident, and might try to leverage that unease when negotiating price. On average, men get lower prices than women, with salespeople offering, on average, $200 higher list prices to women."

'Women are just as confident as men'

Wheels24's Janine Van der Post disagrees with some of the data revealed within the infographic and believes women are just as confident as men when it comes to buying cars. She however agrees that one of the biggest differences between men and women purchasing cars are their buying priorities.

Van der Post says: "I wouldn't say women are less confident when buying a car, in fact, it might just be the other way round. Generally, women do a lot more homework before purchasing a vehicle.

"If I'm considering buying a vehicle, it has to be good-looking and have sufficient power figures, though a large boot is imperative. As is the case with airbags (all-round), as well as isofix fittings for car seats. It also has to be relatively spacious.

"If I were to head to a dealer to purchase a vehicle, my mind would already be made up as I would have compared rivals to other same segment in the market. I would go for the one that would tick all my relative boxes, and be most affordable according to my criteria. 

"Many women love fast cars and stylish designs; I know quite a few women who would much rather buy a hot Ferrari or Porsche, than a reliable mommy-van."

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Check out this infographic below: 

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