Merc's X-Class bakkie gets axed

Mercedes-Benz will soon cease production of its double-cab bakkie.

ICYMI: Maintaining a supercar, Ferrari to mark Schumacher's 50th birthday with exhibition - Top motoring stories of the day

2018-12-18 20:00

Robin Classen

Using a cellphone while driving

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All it takes is a split-second to cause an accident. Distracted drivers behind the wheel is deadly to road users, with cellphones one of the major factors.

The all-electric Audi e-Tron is the latest creation in a long line of electric models, but take a look why it is such an awesome car to drive.

In case you missed it

Buying a supercar is easy for the rich and famous but what happens when you have to maintain or replace certain parts? Take a look at the vast difference between buying and maintaining a supercar. 

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Driving tips and pre-journey checks is the priority this month as the roads get busier with people making their way to holiday destinations around the country. Take a look at a few tips before you head off and kick your feet up.

Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher will be honoured by Ferrari with a special exhibition to mark his 50th birthday on 3 January.

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