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'Our choice for bakkie of the decade is slow, date and indispensable,' writes Lance Branquinho.

#ICYMI: 15 Ford Kuga stories you shouldn't miss

2017-01-18 08:55

KUGA SUVS ON FIRE: A screengrab shows a Ford Kuga on fire along the R43 close to Hermanus in the Western Cape. Image: YouTube

Cape Town - Ford South Africa announced earlier in January 2017 that it is recalling more than 4000 of its Kuga SUVs.

Certain models are affected by an engine-overheating issue causing the SUV to burst into flames. One death has so for been recorded. Ford SA says that it "can confirm that a total of 39 incidents have been reported".

Reshall Jimmy

Reshall Jimmy lost his life in December 2015 when he was on holiday in the Southern Cape. Jimmy's Kuga caught fire and the Johannesburg-man lost his life in the blaze. Jimmy's death was the first and only death stemming from a Kuga-fire. 

Though Jimmy was the only casualty, more Kugas caught fire in SA throughout 2016. Fortunately no one paid with their lives.

Ford SA said that it was only Kugas fitted with the 1.6-litre EcoBoost engine that came under fire and that owners of 1.5- and 2.0-litre Kugas are not in danger.

Below are 15 articles relating to the Ford Kuga-fire debacle:

1. Expert advice: how to cope if your car catches fire

Smoke inhalation, flames, risk to other motorists... Vehicles catching fire is a serious issue that can lead to injuries and death on our roads. Here's what to do if your car is ablaze.

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2. Family of Kuga victim to bring class action lawsuit against Ford

The family of Reshall Jimmy, who died when his Ford Kuga burst into flames, will be pursuing a class action lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer.

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3. Ford Kuga recall: What’s gone wrong and who is to blame?

'If Ford knew of its Kuga issue, its inaction is perverse corporate negligence. Or worse: willful ignorance,' writes Wheels24 columnist Lance Branquinho.

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4. #FordKuga: Twitter reacts to huge SUV recall in SA

South Africans took to social media on Monday in reaction to the news that Ford South Africa is recalling thousands of its Kuga models following reports that the SUVs caught fire. 

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5. NCC turns away Kuga-fire victim's family

The National Consumer Commission today turned away the sister and lawyer of Ford Kuga-fire victim, Reshall Jimmy.

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6. Ford has only given us excuses - relative of Kuga victim killed in fire

Ford has come up with excuses to protect their brand instead of giving the family closure, says a relative of Reshall Jimmy who died when his Ford Kuga caught fire.

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7. Ford SA's huge recall: Here's what Kuga owners should know

Ford South Africa is recalling 4556 Kuga SUVs to address an 'engine overheating' issue that could cause a fire. Here's what Kuga owners should know...

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8. 'Ford should take it back and pay us out': Angry Kuga owners respond

'My Kuga has been at my local dealer for a week now', 'If lives are at risk do not tell clients to come back next week,'... Ford SA owners respond to the Kuga-fire saga.

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9. Kuga-fire saga: Ford SA speaks out, will recall thousands of SUVs

The National Consumer Commission has given its verdict on Ford's Kuga SUVs catching fire in SA - 4556 vehicles will be recalled.

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10. Ford Kuga's fire woes go back to 2013: Documents reveal

An insurance claims specialist warned Ford South Africa about a fire problem with certain Kuga models after an investigator carried out a formal inquiry into two fires. 

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11. Ford Kuga controversy briefing expected in Pretoria

The National Consumer Commission will brief the media on the controversial Ford Kuga on Monday after several reports of the SUVs bursting into flames.

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12. Up in flames! Videos show Ford Kugas on fire in SA

In the latest setback to hit Ford South Africa, more videos of Ford Kuga models on fire have emerged. 

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13. Kuga SUVs up in flames: Angry readers, Ford SA responds

Owners voice their concerns regarding Kuga models catching fire in South Africa. Ford SA says it's 'investigating reports of engine fires'. Is your SUV affected?

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14. Ford SA on Kuga fires: 'may be a result of engine overheating' 

Ford South Africa released a statement on what may be causing some of its Kuga SUVs, powered by the 1.6-litre EcoBoost engine, to catch fire. 

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15. Ford SA responds to Kuga fire incident in Durban

A Durban man needed to scramble out of his Ford Kuga after the SUV caught alight while he was driving. Ford South Africa has responded to the incident. 

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