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How to get the best price when selling your car

2020-05-21 12:15
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Image: Motorpress

With many South Africans struggling financially due to the impact of the lockdown on businesses, a collective sigh of relief was felt when the government announced the buying and selling of vehicles could resume. 

If you had plans prior to lockdown of selling your car or you're in need of cash due to the circumstances, Wesbank have provided some tips on how to get the best price. 

The vehicle finance firm suggests looking at the historic market demand of a vehicle. For example: is the two-door or four-door model more popular? automatic preferred to manual? Diesel or petrol?

A gander at used car websites like Autotrader can can be extremely valuable for researching which vehicles are the most popular and which have held their value more over time.

A search on Autotrader can also give one insight into which exterior colours are more popular and as well as interior trim options. 

We all know buyers have mileage and car condition at the top of their minds when buying, therefore one must be aware that those factors will also affect resale value. 

Wesbank says "one of the first things a dealer looks at when assessing the trade in value of a vehicle is the odometer reading, and if it’s very high you can expect relatively low offers."  

But what can you do on your own to make sure your offers are good? Well, something simple like keeping your car clean and in tip-top shape is probably the best way of ensuring it retains value over the years the company says. 


Image: Motorpress

Compiled by Sean Parker

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