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How times have changed: The evolution of automobiles

2018-05-26 18:00

Robin Classen

Image: Youtube

Since the early days of experimenting with steam-powered cars to hypercars capable of travelling more than 400km/h... cars have come a long way in the past 100 years. 

Technology and times have moved on a great deal, even more so with cars. Cars have gotten bigger, safer and faster as the years have gone by. Who would have thought that a 1.6l engine could be used in Formula 1...

Lean, green and mean

Fast forward to the current generation and we are in the midst on cars that are electric powered and even drive themselves. Those days of steam powered cars seem a distant memory now.

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Who knows, the way technology is rapidly expanding, we might have flying cars in the future.

Check out the clip below to see the evolution of cars:

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